List of Ways Alcohol and Alcoholism Can Kill You

There are over 7 billion people on Earth, and about 2.3 billion of them may be classified as alcohol consumers. People who consume alcohol drink, on average, about 33 grams or 1.2 ounces of alcohol every day, which is equivalent to two glasses of wine. Almost 300 million people on Earth suffer from alcoholism or some other alcohol what is a high functioning alcoholic use disorder, especially binge drinking. On a worldwide scale, more people are drinking alcohol than ever before. Alcohol is a more pervasive and widely-abused harmful substance than any illegal drug. Late-stage alcoholics are dangerously dependent on alcohol, making alcohol withdrawal very uncomfortable and painful.

It can also lead to alcohol use disorder, a form of addiction. Alcohol abuse takes hold as the person drinks to cope with daily stress. If the individual is depressed, he/she might drink due to the numbing effects of alcohol. When these effects become necessary for the individual to cope in life and handle day-to-day obligations and realities, it becomes a case of alcohol dependency. This, combined with the smaller physical stature of women, causes a slower passage and less-effective breakdown of alcoholic beverages in the female body.

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can you die from alcoholism

Liver failure means that your liver no longer works properly. Your liver’s job is to filter blood from the digestive tract and then divert the blood to other areas in the body. The liver is also responsible for detoxifying your body from chemicals and drugs in addition to making proteins that impact blood clotting.

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Daylight Detox Treatment Center makes every effort to provide addiction help to those battling addiction and searching for drug rehab in Florida. Discover intervention in a safe, secure, and serene place where successes happen and addictions end. We provide the tools and knowledge needed to live a better life again. Chronic, long-term drinking can contribute to malnutrition by replacing foods the risks of mixing alcohol and summer heat needed for essential nutrients and by interfering with absorption, storage, or metabolism of the essential nutrients. This can also lead to anemia, when your red blood cell count is lower than normal or there’s a problem with the hemoglobin protein inside those cells. According to the CDC, more than one million people die yearly of cirrhosis, including over 40,000 people in the United States.

This enthusiastic, inclusive and joyful approach fuels hope and positive change in individuals of all ages and abilities. If you drink heavily or notice signs of liver damage or other health issues that may be related to drinking too much alcohol, talk to your doctor about it. If necessary, they can refer you to a rehabilitation center to get the drinking under control. If you drink too often, misuse alcohol like binge drink, or drink to the point of blacking out, it can cause many physical and mental health issues in the long term.

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In just 4 years from 2006 to 2010, alcohol killed 88,000 Americans, costing the country 2.5 million years of potential human life. Moreover, the extreme consequences of alcohol abuse are not diminishing. From 2007 to 2017, the number of alcohol-related deaths in the United States increased by 35%.

can you die from alcoholism

Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious condition and is often caused by excessive alcohol use. It causes permanent scarring and damage, preventing your liver from working properly. Drinking too much alcohol makes you more likely to cause accidental violent deaths. 40% of the violent crimes like assault, homicide, and domestic abuse were committed by people who had high BAC at the time of their arrest. Moreover, people who drink too much are more likely to attempt suicide. About 30% of people who commit suicide drink alcohol right before.

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Individuals who stop drinking may live slightly longer than those who don’t stop. Recovering from AUD; once a person recovers from alcohol addiction, he/she should never drink again, not even in moderation. Pregnant; women who drink pass the toxins to their offspring. This can cause appearance abnormalities and brain damage in infants. Some people get emotional or manic when they’re drunk; others get belligerent. While most individuals keep these tendencies in check while sober, alcohol sometimes blows the lids off these traits.

Cirrhosis is the last stage of alcohol-related liver disease. Symptoms can include digestive issues, jaundice, and brain and nervous system alcoholic pancreatitis problems such as fainting and numbness in the extremities. Over 40,000 people in the US die from alcohol-related cirrhosis every year.

  • These estimates are from the CDC’sAlcohol-Related Disease Impact application, using a new methodology.
  • The individual in end stage alcoholism will experience serious mental and physical conditions, including possible life-threatening health conditions.
  • Alcoholism progresses through different stages, eventually leading to dependency and addiction.
  • According to the CDC, more than one million people die yearly of cirrhosis, including over 40,000 people in the United States.

Portal hypertension can also lead to hepatic encephalopathy, which contributes to the buildup of toxins in the brain and creates confusion and thinking difficulties. There are several “home remedies” thought to lower your blood-alcohol content that is, in fact, useless. Going through withdrawal when the effects of alcohol wear off. Patricia Bellard has been with Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat for 10 years as the Director of Business Services. She has also been instrumental in the development of Intake and Admission Services, Accounts Receivables, and contracting negotiations.

She now has over 12 years of experience in Chemical Dependency nursing, and is currently in the process of obtaining her degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. If you find that you are suffering from the effects of long-term alcohol use and are ready to get and stay sober, please contact Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat for help. We are uniquely equipped to help you recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. According to research, more men die from alcohol-related death than women.

She has extensive experience in working with patients at all levels of care and has additional training in family dynamics, codependency, relapse prevention, and stress management. Like many other diseases, alcohol use disorder is progressive. An individual with an addiction to alcohol will move through the stages of the disease as they continue to drink and drink larger quantities. The last stage is end stage alcoholism, which can severely shorten the life expectancy of an alcoholic.

Recovery from End-Stage Alcoholism is Possible

Alcohol is a known carcinogen, a substance which increases the risk of cancer. Heavy alcohol drinkers are in danger of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and stomach. There may also be a correlation between alcohol and breast cancer. About 3.5% of cancer deaths worldwide are a result of drinking alcohol.

So it’s your liver’s job to detoxify and remove alcohol from your blood. The liver breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, a toxic substance that scars and inflames the liver. This chemical also interferes with the liver’s ability to break down and metabolize fats. This causes that fat to accumulate and may lead to fatty liver — an early stage of alcohol-related liver disease. Liver disease – The liver performs more than 500 tasks to ensure bodily health.

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines binge drinking as consuming too much alcohol in two hours. While not full-blown AUD, binging is a type of alcohol abuse that often occurs at parties. It’s a common habit among high school and college-age people who attend parties where alcohol is served. In the US, where the drinking age is 21, people in the age group often binge because they want to get that buzz before parents or authorities come and end the party. At this point, the drinker depends on alcohol to feel “normal” and may experience negative symptoms or feelings when they are not drinking. This dependency may have underlying emotional and mental motivations.

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It’s fairly common knowledge that driving while drunk is dangerous, yet thousands of Americans drive under the influence of alcohol every year. Since alcohol impairs coordination and judgment, combining alcohol with driving poses a serious risk to everyone on the road. In 2017, 10,874 people in the United States lost their lives in a car accident in which at least one person had been drinking alcohol.