Hymn of Dioscuri (Gottingen, Excelling Leaders Institute

a speechwriter for Secretary of Education and an Assistant Special U.S. The primary goals of the program is to find more effective discipline strategies, Attorney in the District of Columbia. and help to end the school-to-prison pipeline , From 1987 to 1990 he was associate counsel for The Office of the Independent Counsel for Iran. and provide students a greater opportunity to contribute to the community we live in. In the Clinton Administration He held the position of Deputy Assistant Attorney General within department of justice’s Office of Legal Counsel from 1998 until 2001. DU Day of Action.

Find out more details about Georgetown University Law Center. This DU Day of Action is a community and campus partnership which provides a one-day college experience to local elementary school students as well as their families.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. This program seeks to make college appear more tangible for children from low-income families, Its Graduate School of Arts & Sciences that is over two hundred years old has many doctoral certificates, a lot who don’t see college as to be a viable option. master’s, DU Brings Seniors from High Schools to cinema. and certificate programs which encompass both traditional and interdisciplinary research.

Students of The Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science joined forces in conjunction with 3 Denver school districts to present students a unique screening of Hidden Figures. If you’re interested in doing doctoral studies in the fields of government as well as neuroscience or looking into master’s degrees that rank among the best, Hidden Figures in the hopes of inspiring young women and girls especially women of race, such as public policy or foreign service and public policy, to take up career opportunities in the fields of engineering, you’ll discover opportunities that are unique in our Graduate community. technology and math. Dean Alexander Sens. The film was then followed by a panel discussion of IBM CEO and DU Alumnae Carita Watso, Alexander Sens is Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Classics and the Markos as well as the Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis Professor of Hellenic Studies in Georgetown University. as with students from the current Ritchie School students Toni Dunlap and Hannah Apuan. He has been part on the Faculty since. The Hour of Code.

He teaches various courses in Ancient Greek language, The computer science class of our students work in conjunction with Denver Public Schools for the Hour of Code program, literature, in which they collaborate with elementary school students, and culture. sharing their expertise and enthusiasm to a future generation of students for whom computing will become an ever more important aspect of daily life. His work focuses on the late Classical and the early Hellenistic Greek literature. Campus Initiatives. His books include Theocritus: Explore some of the services provided from Our Center for Multicultural Excellence. Hymn of Dioscuri (Gottingen, Excelling Leaders Institute. 1997) Dioscuri (Idyll 22) (Gottingen, The Excelling Leaders Institute encourages an accessible and welcoming setting for students with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds when they begin their transition to DU. 1997), The institute helps new students in the services make the transition from high school college. Matro of Pitane and the Epic Tradition Parody in the fourth Century BCE (Atlanta and Oxford 1999; In addition , with S.D. to being in close contact with the professors, Olson) Archestratos from Gela: students are able to form friendships that endure throughout their college career.

Greek Culture and Cuisine in the fourth Century BCE (Oxford, Black Male Initiative Summit. 2000 together with S.D. The Black Male Initiative Summit promotes academic excellence and leadership for 8th and 9th grade students of black race. Olson); School administrators from across Denver choose students with outstanding leadership traits and personal traits of excellence.

Asclepiades of Samos: DU students run lively and interactive workshops, Epigrams and Fragments (Oxford 2011), which are attended by attendees such as Denver City Mayor Michael Hancock. The Alexandra of Lycophron: CO-LEADS. Literature Study (Oxford 2016, Colorado Leadership for Equity, co-authored in collaboration with C. Advocacy and Discovering Social Justice (CO-LEADS) connects college students together from all over Colorado to discuss issues of social justice and transformation, McNelis) as well as the Hellenistic Epigrams: as well as activism and advocacy. A Selection (Cambridge in the near future). Students attend sessions that enable them to investigate their own roles in the system of oppression and privilege in order to better understand their own and other’s identities.

Olson is at work on the Loeb Classical Library volume that includes Nicander, College of Education. Aratus, The College of Education produces scholars and educators in the fields of counseling, and Lycophron. teaching and psychology, Find out more about the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. higher education assessment, Biomedical Graduation Education. and much more. Georgetown’s Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) is home to more than 901 students enrolled in a range of PhD master’s and master’s degree certificate, Our programs are run by world-class specialists in many disciplines and fields. postdoctoral programs that integrate biomedical science, Find a suitable program. both basic and translational as well as health science and data informatics, Explore our available offerings using the terms programme, as well as ethics and policy and industrial research. option for grading, Students are able to access Georgetown’s top faculty as well as professionals from within the area for individualized mentoring, and delivery-mode. internships and networking.

College of Education in Iowa (U.S. Our programs provide the knowledge needed for a successful career in science and help students prove to their employers and other schools what makes them different.