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That’s not a problem; it’s often a stock’s way of offering a buy point that’s clearer or lower than that suggested by the larger pattern. During bear markets, some good cup-with-handle bases show a large decline within the handle. But again, it should not exceed the drop within the cup. Always test the strategies you’re going to trade before you put any real money on the line. There are so many traders that lose most of their money, simply because they didn’t validate their strategies. We’ve mentioned it several times, but our guide tobacktestingand how tobuild a trading strategy are excellent resources that will help combat this issue.


You can also see that the two https://forex-world.net/s have been applied from the moment of the breakout. The size of the second target should be equal to the size of the cup. The size of the first target should be equal to the size of the handle. The first target is equal to the size of the channel during the handle.

Always wait for the closure of the candle to be above the lines as a confirmation before making a play. A chart pattern extensively used by traders is the cup and handle pattern. This pattern visually resembles a U-shaped cup with a slightly downward drifting handle. It is used to identify good buying opportunities and book profits, especially in the long term. The cup and handle chart pattern marks a consolidation period in a stock followed by a breakout and suggests a continuation of the uptrend in a security’s price movement. The Cup handle pattern strategy allows the trader to be trading with the trend since it is a trend continuation pattern which renders a higher win rate.

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This pattern is complex and tricky to identify and trade. I hope newbies know what they are doing and have enough experience and practice with this pattern. Recommend you guys to start with other patterns first instead of this. To get an added layer of confirmation, you can look for confluence with with tools and methods, such as support and resistance levels. In the chart above, the maximum height of the cup is indicated by the blue rectangular box, which is then used as a price projection at the breakout point. To measure the target price, take the maximum height of the cup, and project that distance from the breakout point.

Cup and Handle Pattern Trading Strategy Guide

Once it reaches the previous resistance level, you’ll lose a few more skittish investors. This marks the end of the correction, and the upward trend tends to continue, historically speaking. Handle and cup patterns have historically preceded big gains in many stocks. They can take hours to develop, or they can take a year or more. That can make them hard to spot, but due to their relative rate of accuracy, they’re worth taking notice of.

The position at which the price breaks through the handle has been shown. Remember, the confirmation of the pattern occurs when the price breaks the handle. The second target is equal to the size of the cup beginning from the moment of the breakout. The handle part has been formed by a bearish price move.

The cup and handle indicator has been used by traders to determine the direction in which an asset/stock may move. It also defines the entry point, stop-loss, and target placement guidelines. A stop-loss controls the trade risk by establishing a level at which the trader should exit the trade .

Now we move to the second component of the https://forexarticles.net/ and Handle pattern and the second step of the Cup and Handle trading strategy. Now that we know what is Cup and Handle, let’s walk through the trading rules of the Cup and Handle trading strategy that can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s important to remember that the handle section of a Cup and Handle pattern should resemble a very narrow price range.

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The handle can trade at an angle or trade straight across. Because the inverted cup and handle is a bearish pattern, the stock would break down out of the handle.Cup and handle patterns break down all the time. Consider a scenario where a price has recently reached a high after significant momentum but has since corrected. At this point, an investor may purchase the asset, anticipating it will bounce back to previous levels. The price then rebounds, testing the previous high resistance levels, after which it falls into a sideways trend. In the final leg of the pattern, the price breaks through the resistance level, soaring above the previous high.


The cup pattern in trading forms after an initial uptrend. As stocks attain new highs, there is selling pressure among investors to book profits, causing the price to fall. The formation of the base or rounding bottom of the cup marks a period of stabilisation.

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The pattern comprises the cup and the handle and resembles them in appearance. The cup and handle breakout point is when the pattern is complete, and traders can expect a continuation of the price uptrend. For the novice and the experienced trader, this chart pattern can help determine points of entry and exit in a trade. It is a bullish continuation pattern which means that it is usually indicative of an increase in price once the pattern is complete. While cup and handle chart patterns are quite easy to spot for experienced traders, they might be elusive to a beginner trading in the stock markets. Apart from the share market, it is quite often useful in trading in the forex market too.

You can then create a https://bigbostrade.com/ handle on the right side of the cup. It should be equal to the size of the bearish channel created around the handle. If you consider the beginning point of the bullish move and the end point of the bearish move, they are at approximately the same level. It should be applied downwards right from the moment of the breakout. This bullish price move slows down gradually and eventually becomes bearish.

  • The dip that forms the left side of the cup indicates the price correction.
  • When the handle witnesses multiple swings in price, the stop-loss is placed at the bottom of the most recent swing.
  • Often, this is simply a mirror of the distance between the low point of the cup to the breakout level.
  • If the price oscillated up and down several times within the handle, a stop-loss might also be placed below the most recent swing low.

It’s important for traders to understand the psychology and market action that contributes to its formation, and there are several phases to consider. Technical traders looking at stock prices over a longer time period will have no trouble spotting a cup and handle pattern. Before jumping in, take the time to look at the volume behind the trading action and establish the strength of the pattern. Setting entry and exit targets is the easy part, provided the cup and handle pattern culminates in a bullish continuation like you expect it to. A Cup and Handle can be used as an entry pattern for the continuation of an established bullish trend.

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The strength and the longevity of the prevailing trend is important as it will determine the success of the trade. How deep the rounded bottom goes will also influence our potential profit. A deeper rounded bottom is a great way to get a bigger target. Our team at Trading Strategy Guides is working hard to develop the most comprehensive guide on different chart pattern strategies. In order to understand the psychology of a chart pattern, please start here, Chart Pattern Trading Strategy step-by-step Guide.

Cautions About the Cup-and-Handle Pattern

The bounce out of the handle was very small before continuing downward. While the price is expected to rise after a cup and handle pattern, there is no guarantee. The price could increase slightly and then fall; it could move sideways or fall right after entry.

The average risk reward ratio of this strategy for EURUSD is 1.99, AAPL is 1.147 and BTC is 1.285. I became a self-made millionaire by the age of 21, trading thousands of Penny Stocks – yep you read that right, penny stocks. First, many online sources give precise definitions of the cup and handle.

In this case, a bullish trade will be opened after the price rises above the resistance level. Third, it shows you the potential level to watch out when the price experiences a bullish breakout. Most brokers measure the length between the highest point of the resistance and the lowest level of the cup. They then apply the same length to add their price target.

Sometimes the stock will move back to test the new resistance level the handle forms to see if it’ll hold. You want to get a good entry especially if you’re using day trading strategies that work. An inverted cup and handle pattern consists of several candlesticks that form an upside down u formation. At the base of the u formation, a new rising wedge or rising channel forms, thus creating the handle formation. A Cup and Handle price pattern is a technical chart setup that resembles a cup with a handle. The cup has a “u” shape, and the handle is a slight downward correction.